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obama he actually surpassed anything that president obama has said about himself. and president clinton deconstructed the republican argument but was he accurate? >> former president clinton called out on american autos we're losing 750,000 jobs a month. are we doing better than that today? the answer is yes. >> on jobs... >> president obama plus four and a half million congressional republicans, zero! >> and health care. >> last two years, costs have been under 4% in both years for the first time in 50 years. oof was clinton accurate? >> he we found plenty of things to check. there are managing editor found a suggestion the policies are responsible for that record decrease. >> this reason is the economy. >> and clinton said would it go broke for medicare in 2016. >> it won't have enough money to cover all benefits. >> after picking the speech apart it was pretty accurate. >> with a few exceptions, stats checked out. >> we've been hearing from kems upset about the misrepresentation autos they take half a sentence or something out of context. >> senator feinstein talking about the statem
're not better off under president obama. >> the mitt romney campaign launched this ad in wisconsin. part of a series of 16 spots released in nine battlegrounds states, all following the seem theme of a better future. >> create over 240,000 new jobs. >> august jobs numbers released friday won't do much to bolster president obama's claims jobs are being created. 96,000 jobs were created but that's not enough to keep up with people looking for jobs, and the drop in the unemployment raid may have resulted from some job searchers giving up. the figures were not lost on the'llan challenger. >> this is saying people are having a hard time finding work. very, very troubling. >> president obama who spent sunday in florida ridiculed the republican's tickets plans for economic relief. >> tax cuts, tax cuts, and tax cuts. >> romney criticized members of his open party for agreeing to a deal that would result in massive cuts to the military, across the board cuts go into effect in january if congress fails to reach a deficit reduction plan by the end of the year. among the republicans who voted for t
obama is against nevada's number one industry. sit your voice and your vote. >> there ad uses the president's own words. >> president obama says... >> don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas. >> saying in nevada tourism means jobs and here is what the president said in this speech from 2010. >> when times are tough you tighten your belts. you don't go go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. you make stuff choices. it's time your government did the same. >> that is the president speaking about the need to reduce the federal deficit. sheer how it playing in the ad. >> under obama, nearly 62,000 fewer nevada jobs and home values, gone. as nevada struggles obama says. >> don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas. >> cross roads gps is launched by karl rove. the organization spending $900,000 on this ad and another $400,000 on a spanish language version of the ad. the gps refuses to disclose don skbrorz already the -- under the law isn't required to do so. >> and our partners have a complete analysis of the ad under see it on tv. and there will be fact checking ads. >> and ju
kids in the pool. abñcús >>. >>> new unemployment numbers have cast a shadow over president obama's acceptance speech, 96,000 new jobs were created last month, 35,000 fewer than expected. the rate fell but only because a lot of people save up looking. u.s. work force has fallen to the lowest level in 31 years. there is the political implications. >> i just got a full time job. >> people are finding jobs but to the fast enough there are job creation is too weak to make a positive impact on the rate. as the campaign swings into high gear, voters see the labor situation a key issue. >> the fact they've been deplenishing it's going to want them to want a president that is going create jobs for the people. >> this professor served as under secretary of the treasury. he believes fallout from the latest report will help governor romney, his bid for the white house. >> this does illustrate a importance of the change in poll six i hope it brings people together. there is so much caused by policy. >> the block of unemployed voters may become crucial. and he thinks jobless americans will not
. >> there is opening night at the democratic national convection. an hour from now, first lady michelle obama takes the stage but first, the delegates will hear from tonight's key note speaker mayor julian castro. mark matthews is in charlotte live, covering the convention. very big night for women at dnc. >> it is. the health and human services secretary is on stage right now. and we have seen a lot of women, camela harris, barbara lee, nancy pelosi taking the stage today on the first day of the convention. and polls are out showing the president's support among women has been dropping and he is counting on women and today has been a big day for women starting early with the california delegation. there are all speakers here this morning were women. >> we've got to wake up. we've got a big election. wake up. >> senator boxer rallied delegates this morning by answering republican challengers favorite question. >> are we better off than we were in 2008? yes, we are. >> boxer follow bid state attorney general harris. >> he got through the affordable care act. he saved our auto industry. >> and. >> it
time is clint eastwood's speech there. is a new online trend called eastwooding. >> i've got mr. obama sitting here. and he's -- i was just going ask him a couple question autos moments after he began this could be ve ver -- conversation with the president. social media users started posting pictures of empty chairs hence the name eastwooding. and president obama tweeted this response it's a photo with a line this seat is taken. >> and president obama made a visit today ahead of the democratic national convention at w.a speech in fort bliss, texas coinciding with the end of u.s. combat missions in iraq. highlighting mitt romney not mentioning the war or u.s. troops in the speech last night. the stage being set for next week's democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina. the president scheduled to deliver his acceptance speech next thursday night. abc 7 news mark matthews will be live from the democratic national convention as he was from the g.o.p.'s convention in tampa. and you can get instant updates all week from mark by following him on our facebook page or on twitt
%. >> a year ago a high school student caught attention of president obama. will kim created a nonprofit to help young entrepreneurs start small businesses. today he moves on to stanford but leaves the organization to his fellow students. >> at 18 will kim achieved more than most people his age. he started a nonprofit called hoppy day mico funds. >> there is a lot bit of money that goes around and comes back to you n a process of going around makes a huge change in terms of economic life styles of people it impacts. >> the organization enrolled the money that comes from a number of fund raising events. >> this is dodge ball tournaments. >> we met eric why a year ago. she started her own business making trendy waist beads thanks to a loan. and she's repaid the loan. the idea sparked interest of other students at the high school and word made it to the white house, last year. >> there are students like will kim from fremont, california who launched a nonprofit that gives loans to stud grents low income school who's want to start a business. >> today, the organization expanded with chapters
were still around. absent were the he elect obama signs. vote no on 32 posters thark is the measure which would ban corporate and union money from local and state elections. on the years biggest day for unions there were no political speeches. only a few politicians here. >> are we going forward together? looking for tomorrow? are we going to be divided? >> this in a venue once hosting president bill clinton, only seven years ago. >> absolutely the politicians are trying to erode our power. >> eunice said what many others are thinking. >> i think they are in hiding. >> and there are pension reform measures more are pushing. and this is just last week, governor brown reached a deal scaling back pension benefits. for new workers putting a cap on payments, increase retirement ages and require them to contribute more to pension costs. union members say that they've become an easy target in a bad economy. >> there are pensions an easy target. i believe it's an error. >> union members here put the blame on the shoulders of politicians. >> there is politicians through the years have not pr
. >> and as we continue tonight here on abc 7 news, late remarks from president obama on the killing of the u.s. ambassador to liba. a bay area native. how his death has already become political. >> and are you tired of dropped calls and lost data? what is being done to untangle wireless networks. congestion is reaching a crisis level. >> and >>> two american naval ships headed to the libyan coast tonight. authorities investigate the attack that killed a u.s. ambassador and three other people. both warship was fire missles at inland targets. the ambassador, christopher stevens died last night in bengazy. he graduated from uc berkeley receiving a law degree from uc san francisco. the fallen ambassador helping other staff evacuate when killed. and there is president obama says the country promised justice will prevail. >> there is i want to assure you, we'll bring killers to justice. >> the president pledged to increase security at u.s. embassies. >> there is mitt romney reacted and mark matthews is here now with more on that part of this. >> mitt romney told reporters u.s. embassy responded to
.c. where their coffins were transfered from a cargo plane and placed in hearses. president obama met with their families. >> and he laid down his life for his friends for libyans and americans and for us all. >> he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tire yabt. -- tyrant. he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> and there is no funeral arrangements made. >> and there is a sonoma district attorney contacted fbi. advocates for the develop meantly disabled say they're pleased but this falls short of the independent investigation that they want. here is abc 7 news. >> this agency reopened this investigation into a possible taser torture incident and this time, the district attorney will be looking over its shoulder, what advocates want is an independent investigation by the da and the sheriff. >> what we really want is a sheriff and district attorney to do an independent investigation aside from from who what ops does. >> there are advocates that say 12 people were assaulted with a taser last fall, possibly this man, archie malora, fired and preed ple
small donors that are giving to him. the obama campaign controls the cash ask have been outspending romney campaign in this all important swing states, romney's campaign expected to increase advertising in final weeks but our analyst says that is not the biggest bat cell. >> most of the campaign, i think from here on out is going to be devoted to grass roots efforts of getting voters to the polls. >> and can we zpokt see more money going into getting out the vote? and the president is due in the bay area october 8th for a fund-raiser. >> thank you. the plane carrying mitt romney's wife, ann made an emergency landing this after the noon. it was at 40,000 feet when thick smoke filled the cabin. the pilot began a rapid decent, requesting permission to land. and this was no one hurlt. >> pleas obama not in the bay area but supporters creating their own campaign excitement. ed lee, state senator leno ask other local officials attended the opening of the reelection head quarters in san francisco. this is located at market and 16th streets and there is another campaign office open almost s
and stand up and yell for president obama just like in the auditorium. so i will be fine. >> saying rain isn't going get me down but you can imagine disappointment of tens of thousands who hoped to see the president in person tomorrow night. >> and we understand not all of them are up for a debate with republicans this fall. >> there is a sit down interview today. and when i was at tampa, the republican convention, i spoke with her challenger about senator feinstein stein's refusal to debate. >> there is a quote from l.a. times that said nothing is entrenched incumbent like a 42 year politician that won't debate. >> she wants to debate you. l.a. times said you ought to debate her. >> i'm running my own campaign. and thank you, mark. >> is there a to add to that? >> there is a three four meetings in southern california. that is what i'll continue to do. >> won't it be better to hear both sides? >> no. thank you very much. >> okay. >> and thanks. >> and there is -- we could do have a good sit down interview with the senator which will be playing portions of tomorrow night. and there she doesn'
. and a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >>> president obama requested government agencies fly the american flag at half mast today to honor those killed in the september 11th attacks. but should that apply to other high profile flags as well? in san francisco, some in the castro district are accusing local merchants of being disrespectful because their flag has not been lowered. mark? >> this is not an american nag, the flag in question is a big rainbow flag over the corner of castro and market. this community activist is calling it a disgrace. >> i think it's disrespectful the president made to honor all killed. >> they're taking on the merchant association owning and controls the flag and he didn't want to talk on camera but has been blogging for years this, team, -- time saying the request wasn't submitted early enough. >> it doesn't explain the other problems we've had in honor of international days. >> and there is another board member at hot cookie not available. a third told me it's on the web site, reading consistent with the principles established by flag creator asks broad commun
he performs in debates. >> the obama campaign lease aid video. >> this shows he's out of touch if he thinks half of the count story feeling like victim autos victims? i won't won't say so. >> and and first event coming up in two weeks, october 3 and i'll predict. >> and moving on in afghanistan today, a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a shuttle bus, killing 12 people. and eight of the dead are south african aviation workers. the car driven by an 18-year-old woman, which is unusual because women in afghanistan are not allowed to drive. >> there is a major cash wind fall for yahoo. a deal to sell half of the stake in alibaba is now complete. yahoo getting $7.6 billion out of it. and there is fed yechl saying the world economy is stalling again, trade slowed and factories making fewer items to be shipped. and this despite that, the nasdaq dropped less than a fraction, apple on advanced orders for iphone 5 finished above $700 a share today.. >> need a job? khol's issuing a holiday hiring forecast, planning to add 53,000 new seasonal workers up 10% from last year. a
prezel candidate set his sites on president obama. >> i will change washington we'll get the job done from the inside. republicans and democrats will come together. he can't do it. his slogan was yes, we can. his slogan now, is no, i knlt this, is time for a new president. >> both candidates have bay area fund-raisers planned soon. romney attending a private $50,000 a person event at the strawberry hill estate in hillsborough. and that is tomorrow night. the president rb in san francisco on october 8th. his fourth trip here since may. >> and san francisco international airport is opens doors today to hackers. the kind who innovate and solve problems. by now, you know the drill. this time, they're staying out for the hackathon. >> travel is one of the first industries to use computer autos now, some systems are getting old. is here in a room with views of sfo runways there are young prurz coming up with ideas of what is next. >> these are some of the brightest internet developers out there. travel is hard to crack into. >> the opportunity to work with big names in travel sft ware attra
romney is taking aim at president obama's foreign policy. and he attacked the president for calling recent attacks in the middle east and muslim protests just a bump in the road he said developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. yes that. is my reaction. bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. >> the president did not comment on foreign affairs when taping an appearance on the view today. he took the opportunity to slam romney on his 60 minutes interview when asked if it was fair that he paid a lower tax rate than a person making $50,000 a year he said yes. that is fair and he said that is the way you've got economic growth. i have a different vision about how to grow an economy its the first time the president and first lady appeared together on the view. >> there is a major riot broke out in an electronics plant in china resulting in a shut down prof dux. it's about 300 miles from bejing, one of many owned by the electronics manufacturer fox con. apple one of the key customers. ba. c 7 news joins us live. >> it's an important contractor here and makes cir
general assembly today. and there is both talking foreign policy. >> at the united nations president obama used the world stage to decry recent u.s. attacks. >> they were attacks on america and should be no doubt we'll be relentless in tracking down killers and bringing them to justice. >> mitt romney hammer the president as what he characterized as the president's response. >> he said the development are bumps in the road. that is my reaction. bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. >> and we must reaffirm our future will be determined by people like chris stevens and not his killers. >> and then, added this lesson intolerance. >> and we do not ban blaspheme. i expect people gorg call me awful things every day? >> and i will defend their right to do so. >> this g.o.p. challenger did not repeat his criticism over the bumps in the road and instead, insin yu yaited the president has not done enough. >> our ambassador was assassinated in a terrorist attack. and we saw how it work at the mercy of events. and at usf, this expert says the television coverage of the riots in the mid
and into the obama column giving 255 likely votes to 206 for romney. 270 needed to win the election. and both campaigned today. the president seized on momentum, linking romney to comments that 47% of americans are victims who have been depending on the government. >> i don't believe we can get far with leader who's write off half of the nation as victims. i don't see a lot of victims i see hard working ohioins. that is what i see. >> near clearland romney tried to repair the damage, expressing empathy, claiming policies would help get them back to work. >> cutting through words you can look at record. and when you can see policies that have not created the jobs america needs, then, you know it's time to choose a new leader. get a new coach. get america growing again. >> history says it's a must win for romney. >> and a tv you tell to change channels. and those are just some ideas out of a lab in palo alto for your smart phone or tab blet. there is at and t calls it a foundry. but it's producing new apps that tap into today's high speed wireless networks one idea started just six weeks ago. t
attention was focused on conventions, during weeks something else was at play. >> i'm barack obama and i agrieve this message. >> there is a analysts saying ads almost negative defined romney as antimiddle class and antiauto bailout. number of ads was overwhelming. there is a dealing -- feel sthag they didn't have to could do that and they're going to wait until the convention and afterwards. >> this scientists say the campaign was helped out by missteps. >> there are comments about the middle east. >> the campaign was trying to paint and there is another big advantage and there are swing states sat rated with candidates and there are stations required to give a discounted rate in last 60 days but this applies only to candidates. political parties and outside groups like super packs are not entitled. washington post reports if ohio there is a 30 second slot costing super packs $900 and there is much money romney raised has been from high dollar donors. >> there are people have to spend three, four five time as much then you've got only one third or a quarter or a fifth of number of ads y
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